VisitDTL.com is an unofficial source for Downtown Lowell’s re-opening, including events, businesses, safety precautions, and special exhibitions. The site is administered by DIY Lowell, a grassroots group dedicated to helping community members make small-scale projects and events happen together, in partnership with Free Soil Arts Collective, an arts organization based in Lowell, MA with a mission to amplify and strengthen the voices of artists of color.

This is part of a larger project with funding provided by the Commonwealth Places Program Resurgent Places Grant created by MassDevelopment. The goal of that grant is to help community partners prepare public space and commercial districts to best serve their population during communities’ economic recovery efforts. Our grant was for “Visualize Lowell’s Black History,” a program of art interventions, history signs, and business directory items around downtown with the intent of leveraging undertold stories to encourage visitors to explore downtown and stimulate business recovery. The funding was not only for this exhibition, but also for additional elements that provided information on businesses and attractions downtown. This website is a companion piece to that project to run during the entire period of performance.